Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Walltik: Allows Intelligent Content Creation and Sharing
Social networking sites have become the most important activity in our daily lives, as it helps us connecting with the people we love. Be it sports, music, arts, one can share their interests with not only friends but also with like-minded folks.  

Today’s generation wants to stay connected with an intelligent online social media platform where they can not only access the creative and innovative content but can also share with the people having same area of interest. And Walltik is an absolute platform that allows one to mark brands, blogs, articles and any other content sharing either with the entire world or with only a selected few through the chat option “Tell Me” available on the site.

With Walltik you can stay updated with the latest updates about your favorite brands and bloggers through the easy navigation. You can filter your search in order to find the relevant content, being in your own pace without any external disturbance. This will be more like an activity of building your own internet where everything is sorted according to your likings. Here, you can share all our opinions, ratings, comments and suggestions directly.

Walltik is all about your passion. You just need to create your own page through customization option. Even if you are about to launch something new, you can tell it on your very own pace. It might prove help with second opinions or you can create more links in industry over a few clicks. Sign in with us, share first-hand opinions and suggestions based on real experiences and familiarity with the brands, products, and/or specific content to make them worth and create real engagement. 

Enjoy networking through intelligent online content creation at Walltik- the sharing and arranging hub.